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Breitling and Bentley share the same interest in manufacturing sophisticated and high performance mechanisms, which allies them together in creating a special edition of watches with the quintessential machinery both from Breitling and Bentley.

They finally joined hand in hand with Breitling’s launch of a spectacular range of watches in memory of Bentley’s fifth win in the 24 hour Replica Watches Le Mans race. The watches which belong to the Breitling for Bentley series are crafted keeping refined as well as popular preferences in mind.

To commemorate Bentley’s 6.75 litre version, Bretiling debuted a new chronograph watch – Bentley 6.75. This watch is considered as a combination of convention and high performance. It comes with a huge aperture calendar which demonstrates the data through units and tens indicators. For the captious collectors, there is a special edition in rose gold.

The Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon is a synthetic of quintessential Bentley heritage and spreme artistry of Breitling. The prominent feature of this watch is the Breitling Calibre 18B which is solely present in Breitling watches. Only 12 pieces of this watch will be released with the choice of the case in platinum, yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.

Flying B Chronograph is the latest addition to the Breitling for Bentley series. This new launch inherits the tradition of refined luxury. The innovation creation lied in the “large data display” calendar which flaunts the prestige of the breitling watches recognizable “flying B” emblem of Breitling and Bentley.

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